Regina Frank

Regina Frank

Regina Frank (b. 1965, Germany) works with tapestry, painting, sculpture, installation, collage and performance. His work, which combines text, technology and textiles, has been featured since the early 1990s in history books, art magazines, newspapers and in Vogue, Harpers, Parade and Cosmopolitan magazines.
Already He has exhibited in Europe, USA and Asia. His most recent project, iLAND, an artistic installation that aims to draw attention to an imminent environmental crisis, is already underway. was shown at MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, at the Knowledge Pavilion, in Lisbon, at Kunsthalle Hannover, at TheNewArtFest18, at Websummit, at MUNHAC - Museum of Natural History, in Lisbon and at BioArt 2018, in Seoul, South Korea.
Over 21 years, Regina Frank named her work “The Artist Is Here! Present”, publishing several books and catalogs with this title in 1998, 1999 and 2001. After Marina Abramoviç Having adapted the title in 2010, it was changed to "The HeArt is Present".

In 2021 Regina Frank creates the silkscreen "The Other Side of the Screen" resulting from the unprecedented performance she did at Atelier CPS and which was recorded on video.

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