João Reis

Actor and stage director


 "As a CPS Member, I’m already, somehow, committed with these artists work"



How long have you been a CPS Member?

I’ve been member for about four and a half years now, so it’s not a long time, considering the number and wide variety of artists and proposals, but I’ll keep on going, observing. The reason to remain is the idea that, with my member condition, I’m already, somehow, committed with these artists work, and then I’m able to buy their works at a more competitive price. And, contradicting the idea of valuing the works exclusivity, there’s also something that makes me very curious: Who are the other 20,100 or 500 people sharing with me the same choice? I’ve never thought about this until I saw one of my favorite prints in someone else’s home. I must say it was a wonderful surprise. 


What led you to sign up

The reason, my first impression, was the idea of contribution and commitment with these artists, by buying and sharing their works, through a simple, fair and pop way.


In your art collection, what are your favorite pieces, the ones you emphasize?

My collection is still very short and scattered but I would say that, amongst the last ones, offers and some prints without exhibition space, I’m very fond of those of Maria José Oliveira, João Francisco Vilhena and Susana Anágua. Forgive me the oldest ones, with whom I began four years ago.


What’s the place of CPS in your family?

It’s a very personal place. The choices are mainly mine and the frames and exhibition places are shared. My kids usually develop painting and drawing experiences. Although it’s not a permanent activity, I recognize the critical and aesthetical sense this gives, allowing them to make choices and have their own opinion. Not always we agree with each other, but at least we know why.





Helen Duphorn

Country Manager of Ikea Portugal

 "I believe art can be a very interesting way to understand better a country and its people"



How long have you been a CPS Member?

I’ve been a member more or less for 2 years. I got curious one when I passed by the CCB store. It was shortly after my arrival to Portugal and I thought it was an interesting way to get to know Portuguese artists, in a much more accessible way.


What led you to sign up? What motivated you

I believe art can be a very interesting way to understand better a country and its people. Being Swedish, for me CPS is the opportunity to meet Portuguese artists and their work, that I believe, reflect the Portuguese culture, values and way of being.

At the same time, CPS plays an important role enabling more people to access art, which normally is for a very very small minority of the population due to price. I value this openness role.

Finally, I truly believe in the role home has in improving people’s life – a better, more functional,  sustainable and also more beautiful home helps us having a better everyday. And when art touches us, is a pleasure having it everyday in our homes.


In your collection, what are your favorite artworks?

My absolute favourites are two prints from Cruzeiro Seixas and one from Cargaleiro. When I bought them I didn’t realize how well known they were as artists, but I understand their success. These are pieces that really touch me.





Joana Valsassina

Art Curator and Cultural Producer

 "CPS has been giving me an unusual access to art that I wouldn’t receive any other way"


For how long are you CPS Member?

I’m been a Member for almost a decade now! In fact, it’s difficult for me to specify the moment I became Member because I visit CPS since I was a child, with my dad and grandmother who are enthusiastic Members for more than 20 years now. It became an usual routine and I’m pleased to keep it, as a way to grow and share my contemporary art amazement.


What made you sign-up also?

The reason was this strong familiar relationship with Portuguese Printmaking Centre. The walls of the house where I grew up were always filled with prints and, since I can remember, I visited CPS with my family, nourishing my interest in contemporary art since I was a child. This also promoted the choice of my professional career in art curator. The motivation to become Member appeared naturally, when I felt the need to collect art works, and the “Future Generation” campaign, offering huge advantages to members’ relatives was a fine opportunity to do it. CPS has been giving me an unusual access to art that I wouldn’t receive any other way. Especially for young public, It‘s a unique opportunity to develop and satisfy the inner and growing interest for the artistic domain.


In your collection, which are your favorite Works?

It´s very difficult to choose, but I would say that some of my favorites are Armanda Passos series (2000), with which I live a long time ago, the work of Engrácia Cardoso “Estórias para contar devagar – Suricata” (2010), an offer I made to my father when I became Member, and, most recently, the intervened engravings of Dominique Coffignier. Some of the most beautiful pieces I bought aren’t mine because I offer them as a gift. That’s the case of a Cruzeiro Seixas extraordinary screenprint of 2013 and also the work of Maria José Oliveira “Caminho para o Infinito” (2017).


What’s the place of CPS, nowadays, in your family?

It represents a very important one, through the life of four generations already. It’s also an enthusiasm that I feed and share with my closest friends, some now already members of CPS. I’ve a huge pleasure of giving someone a print on special dates, and I do it every time I can, in birthdays, weddings or to celebrate when a child is born. It’s my pleasure to do that since I consider that Portuguese Printmaking Centre has a remarkable role in promoting contemporary art, especially in its democratization.





Soares Braz family

Catarina Soares Braz represents CPS next generations


  Julieta Soares Braz showed us how the works of four CPS members living together: the four family members!


For how long are you CPS Member?

You have to congratulate me; next December I make 20 years of CPS Membership. A friend explained me the concept of buying artworks with soft monthly fees. Two decades later I still buy art pieces without feeling the weight of paying them all at once. It’s being a great investment.


What made you sign-up?

After knowing the advantages of becoming member, I’ve signed up. Being fond of Art since I was young and nowadays graphic designer, it didn’t take too long to buy my first prints. I invited my boyfriend, now husband, to become Member, and later my “heart son” (son in law). Now, I’ve a 6 year old daughter (in the photo) who’s already an Art fan and wants to become a painter in the future.


Which are your favorite works?

We're four members of different generations so the choice wasn't consensual. Individually, we appreciate a lot Cruzeiro Seixas, José de Guimarães, Sofia Areal, Manuel d'Olivares and Fabesko. This means a customized look in every space, turning decoration an expressive chromatic palette.


What’s the place of CPS in your family?

Since the very beginning, my relation with CPS has been very happy and fruitful. The collection became bigger as time went by. Now, we've managed to decorate and even redecorate our first home as well as our holiday house with CPS artworks, easily allowing harmonious and different decorations to each space. During these last years, we also offered some prints to family and friends, on important dates of their lives, and it's rewarding to see their surprise of getting a gift with a different, timeless, aesthetic and monetary value. This long, happy and fruitful relation with CPS is to last because I want to follow closely my daughter's collection, discovering new talents, for at least more 20 years.





Pedro Nunes

CPS Member since the very beginning


 "Art receives our gaze everyday and challenge us in a generous way"


For how long are you CPS Member?

I’m Member since its foundation, 33 years ago. All over these years, the initial expectations have been nourished by the wide range of choices presented in CPS. The difficulty is when it's time to choose. The multiple criteria, sometimes ambiguous and discordant: to respect the plurality of family tastes the choice isn’t easy. Several reasons for that: sometimes the print itself; others the print and the artist; or only the artist; or even the different opinions about a work to offer someone.


What made you sign-up?

The good taste and entrepreneurial attitude of CPS project, dedicated to promote an Art culture. The chance to become part of this unique project, to approach art to our lives, to our family space and, at the same time, be able to share this advantage with friends, was the main motivational strength that today is still is very active and alive.


In your collection, which are your favorite Works?

I love Bual screen prints (the expressive tracing, revealing the intuition force of a pervasive creator, able to shou the reality behind appearances); some Cruzeiro Seixas (dreamlike and symbolic language, common of big western myths); and also Cesariny (as if he accessed reality in a poetic way). In addition, also the first CPS edition, the Manuel Cargaleiro screen print (color harmony).


What’s the place of CPS in your family?

Besides the three wedding decades, CPS represents nowadays a space of effective approach and familiarity with Art. In a sort of trinity, together with the books and music, art receives our eyes every day, at home, and challenge us in a generous way, with new pleasant horizons.
We already couldn’t live without the significant presence of several art works; our look to them and to be looked by them, this constant dialogue, this look interaction is nowadays a part of our cultural and family space.





Sílvia e Vítor


 Members for about a year now, they own a work that "made time stop" and that was the click for signing-up


For how long are you CPS Members?

Our relation with CPS is very recent. We’re members for only one year now but we intend to continue for many more years because it allows us to know and buy some of the magnificent works of Portuguese and foreign artists represented by CPS.


Graça Pereira Coutinho

What led you to sign up? What motivated you?

We found CPS in an Art fair, in Lisbon. We had just moved to a new and spacious house. Since we became fascinated with the works in exhibition, we considered becoming CPS members an excellent option allowing us to have some Art in our home.   


In your collection, which are your favorite Works?

From every work we’ve already in our collection, there’s one representing the beginning. When, at the Art fair, we saw Graça Pereira Coutinho work, we agreed we had to get that print with collage saying us “Drawing is stopping time”. Also contemplate Art is stopping time. It’s going through the lines and technique colors meticulously, in order to find the artist’s message. This is why that’s our favorite piece.


What’s the place of CPS in your family?

As I’ve said, CPS collection appeared with our moving home. We’ve discovered artists such as Sofia Areal who pleased us with her flowers “born from the joy seeds” and Dominique Coffignier with his engravings. All the works we bought have a special spot in our home. They are part of the space we share with our family and friends. They also became fascinated with these works. It’s funny because they stop to enjoy the wall frames and say what they like the most. Our mothers frequently ask if there’s already any new. Our kids, even still young, also like, especially when we’re getting new ones. They see Art with other eyes. We’re very pleased for becoming CPS members because that has given other color and other life to our home. 





Carla and Vasco



 "There is always the possibility of offering original gifts to friends and family on multiple occasion"



How long have you been CPS Members?

Since 1995. It has never occurred to us to cancel the subscription because, in addition to being able to purchase several pieces, there is always the possibility of offering original gifts to friends and family on multiple occasions.


What made you sign up? What motivated you?

We signed up in the year we got married, because we were offered two CPS screenprints. The friend who presented us finally proposed us as Members, at our request, since we found the concept of CPS very appealing and innovative. Even after 22 years, there is always an opportunity to acquire interesting artworks and, lately, besides the sreenprints, we have acquired other pieces, sculptures and wine with art, which are always presents of success.


NIn your collection, what are your favorite works?A Serigrafia de Eduardo Nery é uma das obras preferidas do casal

For Vasco is “Jazz” from the Ritmos de Cor Series, by Eduardo Nery, for the relation of plastic arts to music.

For me (Carla), Mário Cesariny's “Homenagem a Vieira da Silva”, for the painter's connection to literature and because it was the first screenprint, the one that was offered by sereval very special friends as a wedding gift!


What place does CPS have in your family?

After two decades as CPS Members, the homes of our family and friends already have works of CPS offered by us at important moments (birthdays, baptisms or weddings). Thanks to these offers, some friends, as we initially did, wanted to be proposed as Members to. At some of their houses, we came to look at the walls as if they were a "sticker album", trying to identify the authors and whether we do or not had thouse artworks!

At present, given the volume of screenprints that we have been acquiring, we vary them according to the occasion, in several points of the house. For example, the triptych of Domingos Mateus became a regular presence by the Christmas crib during this season! And the engraving of Pedro Calapez alternates with one of the screenprints that we have of Luís Feito, depending on the season of the year, in the central wall of our living room.

Since our taste is more for abstract (and less figurative) pieces, what pleases us in CPS when we buy art to offer someone, is the fact that there is a vast and diversified spectrum of artworks, encompassing various genres and tastes.