CPS Studio

CPS Studio - Intaglio and Lithography


CPS has a Studio prepared to provide the artists with the best conditions for conceiving and printing their visual creations in the following techniques: Screen Printing, Intaglio (etching, engraving, etc), Woodcut, Lithography, Collage, Photography and Digital Printing.


CPS Studio provides the necessary material and has experienced professionals to carry out the editions. In this process, artists conceive their works directly or under the guidance of these same professionals, being entirely free to explore the characteristics of each technique and to make the necessary decisions so that the final artwork can be considered original, within the scope of the characteristic multiplicity of Original Graphic Work.


The printmaking process implies not only the direct intervention of the artist, but also the quality control of the final prints. Each artwork is numbered and signed by the artist, to ensure the limited and unrepeatable feature, being afterwards stamped with a CPS seal to its final authenticity. Each edition has a up to 200 limited number of prints and its commercial value depends on the size, technical complexity and the artist’s consecration.


From the definition of the project with the artist until its conclusion, there is a whole shared and demanding creative process. The dialogue with each artist is an unforgettable experience of labor and passion, destined to transform each print into a work of art.


CPS Studio - Screenprinting