About CPS


CPS - Centro Português de Serigrafia (Portuguese Printmaking Centre) is a cultural oriented company created by António Prates in 1985, that aims to give art aficionados the chance to own and enjoy Fine Art Prints of contemporary portuguese and foreign artists. 


Ensuring high quality requirements, CPS creates exclusive editions of ScreenprintEngravingLithographyPhotography and Digital Art in its own studios, mainly for their Members who get first hand access and a lot more benefits.


Covering the great XXth century portuguese masters but also the brand new young artists, from emblematic international movements such as Informalism, Pop Art, Narrative Figuration and Bio Art, CPS follows an eclectic model and owns an unique collection of more than 3500 art prints from around 660 artists, being a truly document of nowadays art and culture.


Since 1993 CPS has participated several times in Estampa, Madrid, helping to develop international contacts, leading to around 200 foreign artists edited from 32 different countries and many important exhibitions such as Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Tàpies, Manolo Valdés, Canogar, Joseph Beuys, Le Corbusier and Mimmo Rotella. This was a great help to the Portuguese art promotion abroad, and, in Estampa 05, CPS was awarded the Best Gallery Exhibitor, amongst 95 galleries from 14 countries.


With more than 35 years of experience, representing a quality and authenticity warranty certificate, CPS proudly enriched more than 14.000 members’ collection. The works of art they choose make each house a personal museum, a true and remarkable reflection of the culture of our days.


Photo by André Silva - Susana Gaudêncio's etching printing at CPS Studio