Regina Frank

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  • Photography
  • Linen Canvas
  • Image Size: 45x70 cm
  • Total Size: 45x70 cm
  • Date: 2021
  • 20 units
  • Ref.: F36210

A-Dress, 1995-1999

Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada

Arco Electronico, Madrid, Vogelfrei Biennale Darmstadt, Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Clifford Smith Gallery, Boston

KX, Kammnagel Hamburg

Performance installation (duration: 97 days)

A few years before blogging was called blogging I wrote 97 letters to my own a(d)-dress. They were available on the Internet to read, and in the museum they were downloaded, printed and then pinned in my dress. Each letter-leaf of paper inside had a connection to an ink-dyed natural Ginkgo leaf on the outside. If Internet information was wilting in the search engines‘ seasons….

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