Mushroom dress,1999

Regina Frank

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  • Photography
  • Linen Canvas
  • Image Size: 70x100 cm
  • Total Size: 70x100 cm
  • Date: 2021
  • 20 units
  • Ref.: F36206

Mushroom Dress 1999

Dreieich Palace Garden, Frankfurt Alemanha.

Regina Frank produced this image from an actual installation where she created a mushroom dress. While she used her dresses as a canvas to ad-dress the issue, (painting, embroidering, writing, printing on them, here she used it to grow mushrooms on it. The collage shows her fascination with the process of the growth of the mushroom, but also with the pearls of water glittering in the sun, and the lamination of the plant itself. Nature is a less controllable way of growing art. A mushroom dress from which one could eat during the exhibition, which needed to be watered and cared for in nature is a stunning process which takes time and patience.

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