iLAND in Health, 2018

Regina Frank

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  • Photography
  • Linen Canvas
  • Image Size: 70x100 cm
  • Total Size: 70x100 cm
  • Date: 2021
  • 20 units
  • Ref.: F36208

iLAND  In Health 2018

MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) Lisbon, Portugal

This digital collage of the most pressing environmental issues based on data and aerial images from NASA and numerous Governmental Environmental Agencies and NGO’s was transformed into a tapestry commissioned for the Museum of Art Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon. Later Regina Frank performed at the WebSummit in Lisbon in 2018.She performed every day for 77 min at the bustling WebSummit, moving so extremely slowly that the resulting time-lapse film showed her moving at normal speed while the viewers and participants at the WebSummit moved 1000% faster. When Regina was not performing herself, an AR (Augmented Reality) version of her was present, or a garden of sustainable and highly effective healing plants like hemp and curcuma grew virtually on the tapestry.

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