Gracinda Candeias / Chichorro
Oct. 12, 2021

Gracinda Candeias / Chichorro

Two artworks, two authors

Two recent artworks by two contemporary artists , both of them canvas editions. Here are “Marinus” and “Noite de Lua Luando”: although they are very different, both have some elements and peculiarities that bring them together and complement each other.


Gracinda Candeias was born in Luanda and almost every artwork she creates is inevitably linked to her roots.

In her body of work, she creates landscapes, and auras that transport us to the Nature among she was born. In this abstract work, we can imagine some connection with the see theme. Graced with great tranquility and every exemplar is painted on directly by the artist, so they each take an original quality about them.

Marinus Serigrafia sobre tela de Gracinda Candeias

Gracinda Candeias, "Marinus", Screen print on canvas, hand finished, 2021


Chichorro, "Noite de Lua Luando", Digital print on canvas, Special Edition celebrating the artist's 80th birthday, 2021


Roberto Chichorro, born in Mozambique, fills his unique artworks with architectural and antropomorphic elements, in a figurative game that brings the observant to a dreamy narrative full of light and dark contrasts and bold color choices. In this edition on canvas, the night theme is given by the moon element stars in an imagined dance to the sound of a very unique guitar, cradling the eye of the observant.


Both these artworks are worm, peaceful and have great chromatic power given by different charecteristics, that complement and communicate each other. The two pieces are brought together by the geographic proximity of their roots, by the color choices and the light/dark contrast.


Art Advisory - CPS Gallery at CCB