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Eduardo Eloy

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  • Woodcut
  • Fabriano Accademia 350gr Paper
  • Image Size: 30 x 64 cm
  • Total Size: 53,5 x 84,5 cm
  • Date: 2019
  • 75 units
  • Ref.: G35690

Eduardo Eloy's woodcuts incorporate the culture of northeastern Brazil, where the so-called northeastern woodcuts are popular. It is an important part of the country’s identity and portrays the rich imagery of popular culture. The technique consists of carving a wooden base with gouges or other cutting tools. In the Northeast, the most used wood is wood. that of the cajazeira tree, abundant in the region, soft and easy to handle. After carving, the wood receives a layer of paint and is then treated. used as a matrix to print the image on paper.
Eduardo Eloy's hybrid style is manifested in his "creatures" between human, animal and vegetable, mechanical and haunting, of memories ancestors.


The award-winning Brazilian artistEduardo Eloy(b. 1955) presents us with two works with high importance in the tradition of woodcuts from northeastern Brazil. He was awarded the Pietro Maria Bardi Special Prize in 1985 at the 2nd Pirelli Painting Salon – MASP in São Paulo and in 1983, with the prize in the mixed technique category at the University of Fortaleza Hall – UNIFOR Plastica.

His hybrid style, which stems from his research in the field of graphic arts, brings together drawing, painting and various everyday materials from his archives. How hybrid are these “creatures” between the human, the animal and the plant, mechanical and haunting, joining ancestral memories to a visionary prediction of the future.

Maria João Fernandes

AICA - Assoc. International of Art Critics


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