À beira do mar

Juan Sebastián Carnero

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  • Linocut
  • Fabriano Rosaspina Avorio 285gr Paper
  • Image Size: 43,5 x 32 cm
  • Total Size: 70 x 50 cm
  • No. of Colors: 4
  • Date: 2018
  • 75 units
  • Ref.: G35592

Work created in artistic residency at Atelier CPS in Lisbon.

Linocut with 4 matrices.


Engraver and illustrator, the Argentinian Juan Sebastian Carnero (b. 1981, Buenos Aires) has been exhibiting since 2001 in national and international exhibitions. Researcher in color management in relief engraving, he won several acquisition awards, held solo exhibitions in Argentina, Spain and Portugal and was invited to present his work in several countries such as China, Denmark, France, Italy and Mexico. 

He recently exhibited with great success at the CPS Gallery at CCB. The exhibition consisted of a presentation of the editions created at the Atelier CPS, in his residence in Lisbon, the city that inspired them. In this set of engravings that the artist printed individually, it is stated It is a style where figuration is used. geometrically refined almost to the point of to abstraction, combining with attention to detail, the care and meticulous treatment of surfaces and a keen sense of perspective and chromatic harmonies between cold and warm tones of strong plastic intensity and great poetic effect. The connection to Lisbon is within easy reach. clearly evident in the linocuts presented today: “À Beira do Mar” and “Seven Winds”.

In “Seven Winds” It uses the lost matrix technique - also known as the "Picasso method" because it was invented by the great Spanish artist. It is a highly complex technique to which Juan Carnero applies all his talent.

The work “À Beira do Mar”, in turn, was created using four different matrices.

These works assert a poetic and surreal atmosphere with a touch of metaphysical art, for example in the static figures that enigmatically profile themselves in “Sete Ventos” alongside symbolic geometry in a labyrinthine explosion of suggestive and ambiguous forms. Evocation of the work of the Dutch artist Escher (1898-1972), a Master of graphic work and one of the exponents of contemporary art.

An engraving lesson that we see continue today in the elaborate and fascinating universe of a young creator of our time.

Maria João Fernandes

AICA - Assoc. International of Art Critics

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