Dolores Galvez

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  • Intaglio
  • Fabriano Artistico GF 300gr Paper
  • Image Size: 39x20 cm
  • Total Size: 57x37,5 cm
  • Date: 2004
  • 50 units
  • Ref.: G113

Engraving and poem

The particular expression of Dolores Galvez oscillating between painting and engraving is revealed in these two works precisely for engraving, an expression in which she has particularly distinguished herself, having received in 2000 in Spain, the 1st award for engraving. “Carmen Arozena” engraving prize. Webs and undulating lines here make the undulating fabric of colors vibrate in a game of simultaneous rhythms… The Sea as inspiration (S362;EX075;EX061;EX323;S408;EX165;G025;S416;G102;G105) In a country where the Sea has always represented the “beyond borders”, the desire to move there From the horizon, the discovery and dream imbued with its own demystification, the Sea has always also been a magical, attractive and particularly inspiring theme.