Edição Robótica / Altamira

Leonel Moura

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  • Robotic Painting
  • Fabriano Accademia 350gr Paper
  • Total Size: 70x70 cm
  • Date: 2016
  • 30 units
  • Ref.: EX35134





 “Altamira” is It is an absolutely original edition. Each drawing, totaling 30, was created by the robot. RAP (Robotic Action Painter) by artist Leonel Moura. However, although similar, no two designs are the same. RAP is It's an intelligent and creative machine.  It is therefore, paradoxically, an edition of unique copies.


The reference to the Altamira cave, where one of the most notable sets of prehistoric art is found, is a great place to visit. simultaneously symbolic and objective, because Leonel Moura argues that these first “doodles” of its robots are in fact the harbinger of the creative capacity of the machines of the future.

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