Leonel Moura

Leonel Moura

Leonel Moura, Lisbon 1948, is pioneer in the application of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in art. Since the beginning of the century he has created several painting robots. The first paintings made in 2002 with a robotic arm were on the cover of the MIT magazine dedicated to robotics. Artificial life. RAP, Robotic Action Painter, created in 2006 for the New York Museum of Natural History, is on permanent display.
Other works include interactive installations, generative works, 3D , Augmented Reality, “swarm” and the theater play RUR by Karel Capek, with 3 robot actors, premiered in São Paulo in 2010.
The Robotarium, opened in 2007, described as a zoo for robots, was the The first of its kind in the world.
Recently exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris and the UCCA Museum in Beijing.
He was appointed European Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation by the European Commission.


In the universe of multiple art, it has achieved an innovative profile in the editions made with the CPS.  Since series of the 4 seasons to use Voronoy's mathematical diagrams; à first recording created by the robot ISU; à first silkscreen from a work created by robot RAP - Robotic Action Painter; à series “Altamira”, edition of 30 original drawings of a robot RAP MUSIC; à Voxel screen printing with Augmented Reality up to to the recent first NFT.


He has held exhibitions and conferences in important international cities such as Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Beijing.