João Francisco Vilhena

The Melancholy of Images

Nov. 6, 2021 - Nov. 21, 2021

“(…) the word (…) has nothing more to say, nothing more to do

than shining in the radiance of your own being.”

Michel Foucault, “Language converted into object”, Words and Things< /em>



The CPS Gallery at CCB hosts from the 6th to the 21st of November, the exhibition “The Melancholia of Images” by artist João Francisco Vilhena.

Opening on November 6th, at 4:30 pm, the exhibition presents the new editions that complete the d’ Melancholia, a project that the author started at CPS in 2016. “The Melancholy of Shadows” was the first set of works and “The Melancholy of Words” in tribute to José Saramago, in 2018, the second set.


The trilogy is now finished with five photographs that make up “The Melancholia of Images”. The photographs coexist with verses, poems and passages from books chosen by five personalities at the invitation of João Vilhena: António Mega Ferreira, Clara Ferreira Alves, Mário Caeiro, Pedro Oliveira and Richard Zenith.


According to the author, “the selection reflects the uniqueness of each person: Fernando Pessoa and Jorge Luis Borges, among other surprises. The choice of photographs for my melancholic diary was made before knowing my friends' choice and they form an emotional portrait of each one.”

 The Melancholy of Images is for the artist, “a set of five ephemeral representations, (…), poetic polaroids where different sensibilities intersect, creating a new melancholic diary.”


Quoting art critic Maria João Fernandes, “João Vilhena's art is characterized by the bond with a real that has blood in its veins of poetry.”


The Portuguese Screen Printing Center has been expanding the concept of contemporary art and integrating into its editions artists with established notoriety in the areas of painting, illustration ;o, design, architecture and also photography.

The exhibition will be open. patent until November 21st, with free entry.


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