Velizar Krstic

Velizar Krstic

Velizar Krstic was born on September 10, 1947, in Oreovac, near Niš, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1972, as a student of professor Djordje Bosan and completed He completed his postgraduate degree in 1976. He received a scholarship from the FVS Foundation in Hamburg and studied art at the Wienna Art Academy, under the tutorship of Professor Walter Eckert, in the academic year 1973/74. He is also a scholarship holder from the Greek Government and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Athens, in the class of Professor Konstantin Gramatopulos, in 1978/79.

He held his first exhibition in 1982, in the IV Dubrovački Hall, at the Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik. Since then he has had solo exhibitions in multiple other locations, as is the case with many others. This is the case of the Galzenica Gallery, in 1984, in Croatia and the Banja Luka Museum of Contemporary Art, in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Velizar Krstic had his work exhibited mainly in Serbia, but he also held exhibitions in countries such as Italy, Japan and Poland.

Throughout his career he has participated in several group exhibitions such as: the case of the 16th International Independante Exhibition of Prints, at the Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, in Japan, in the year 1990, II Rassegna Internazionale Dell’Incisione Di Piccolo Format at the Ala Ponzone Civic Museum, in Italy in the year 2001, Drawing as a Mindset and CHAOS as a Higher Degree of Order at the Paviljon Cvijeta Zuzoric, in Serbia, in 2005, at the Beograd gallery, also in Serbia, in 2010 and still 4th International Salon of Graphics at the Association of Fine and Applied Artists, also in Serbia, in 2016.

We also highlight one of its most recent exhibitions at the 4th; International Salon of Graphics at the Kraljevo Association of Fine and Applied Artists in Kraljevo in 2016.

His works are represented in important collections such as the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA), in Greece and the Galzenica Gallery, in Croatia.