Miguel Barbosa

Miguel Barbosa

Born in 1925, in Lisbon. He graduated in Economic and Financial Sciences from the University of Lisbon and is a graduate of the University of Lisbon. painter, writer, playwright and paleontologist.

He has received several awards and honorable mentions, such as: in 1990, the Duc de Bourgogne Prize, Gimont, France; in 1997, the Maria Cumani Quasimodo Special Prize, A.D.O.N.A.I., Milan. Diploma of Merit Pegasus Arte Editrice, Rome; in 1999, One of the Great Contemporary Painters 99, New Art Promotion, Italy.

For 50 years Miguel Barbosa and his wife Fernanda Barbosa gathered a unique collection made up of thousands of fossils of incalculable cultural and scientific value on display at the Natural History Museum from Sintra.

He passed away on October 10, 2019, in Lisbon.