Frank Meyer

Frank Meyer

Frank Meyer (b. 1949 Toronto, Canada) has been a creative artist from an early age, but not always with paint and brushes.  In high school he started playing saxophone in big bands and, ever since, has been a jazz player and improviser. Then for 25 years, he had a creative career writing and directing video productions.


In 2005, a couple of years after starting to draw and paint, he had a solo art show. Excited by its success, Frank went back to school for 3 years to seriously study and make art.  And has been a full-time artist since.


It was in printmaking classes that he started making collages: cutting up his linocut prints, and adding colourful paper scraps, re-assembling them into new compositions … much like improvising in jazz.  It has become his main artistic medium.


Lately it has come full circle … in the transformation of these compositions into limited edition screen prints. For Frank, no matter the medium, art is a wondrous, always surprising creative journey.