Augusto Fraga
Sept. 11, 2023

Augusto Fraga

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Portuguese director and scriptwriter Augusto Fraga, creator and director of the award-winning series "Rabo de Peixe" which premiered on Netflix in more than 190 countries ;ses, it is; CPS member for a long time about five years. He has a very personal relationship with art that he conveyed to us in the last issue of "art", the CPS catalog magazine. Discover your Partner testimony here.



"CPS is... Place of escape for impossible universes" 

Augusto Fraga 



It is CPS member for a long time How long?

I have been a member of CPS for several years. more than five years, since the day I entered the CCB store and a work attracted me. From that moment on I have been a regular visitor to this store, where I let myself be carried away by the works I discover.


What made you sign up?

I feel that CPS brings artists closer to the public, making their art more accessible, and the public to artists, making artists more intelligible and closer. Original artistic creations accessible to everyone, it seems incredibly positive to me for artists and for those who discover them.


In your collection, what are your favorite works, which would you highlight?

I really like discovering new artists and that's why I try to choose the works before knowing who they are. the author, which sometimes brings pleasant and unexpected surprises. But there is authors who have especially attracted me over the years, whether due to the composition, color combination, or internal movement of the work… authors ranging from Leonel Moura to Miguel Januá rio or Cristina Ataíde.


What place does the CPS occupy within your closest circle?

The relationship with art is very personal and I keep my visits to the staff. CPS store (I prefer to see the works physically in the store, although I already know them from the website) as something personal, private and solitary. I like it to be like this, looking without filters and without commitments.


Photo: Inês Subtil


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