New engraving by Manuel João Vieira
Aug. 21, 2023

New engraving by Manuel João Vieira

The Viscount split in half

After participating in the project "Mulheres Saramaguianas", the multifaceted artist Manuel João Vieira created a new engraving at Atelier CPS, this time inspired by the well-known book by Italian writer Italo Calvino, "The Viscount split in half".


In the new work "the artist creates a theater of strange dreamlike fantasies, with fable characters, animated by a climate of unsettling disturbance, paradoxes and fears that are at the same time very characteristic of sensitivity contemporary", writes art critic Maria João Fernandes in the magazine artby CPS.


 Print of the engraving by Manuel João Vieira - The Viscount split in half

Moment in which Mestre Marçal, responsible for the engraving and lithography editions of the CPS, reveals one of the copies of the new engraving by Manuel João Vieira. We can observe the inked matrix in the press, from which it is possible to produce a new product. printed the engraving.


The eldest son of the Portuguese painter João Rodrigues Vieira, Manuel João Vieira (Lisbon, 1962) studied at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Lisboa. Mentor of the Ena Pá 2000, Corasçde;as de Atum and Irmãos Catita, his projects are distributed across areas as diverse as painting, music, cinema, politics or literature.< /p>

The artist explores a theatrical and humorous component, at the same time. which combines a critical and sharp personality towards society and its customs or characteristics.

In the scope of the visual arts, once again the trend towards scenographic and theatrical creation is observed, this time with the construction of space. the inhospitable and grotesque environments or simply the domain of the fantastic. 


Engraving The Viscount Party in the Middle by Manuel Joao Vieira

Manuel João Vieira, "The Viscount split in half", Engraving in 3 color variants, (56 x 70 cm, 25 copies each) 


Manuel João Vieira signs the new engravings at the CPS studio

All copies are numbered and signed by the artist.