Manuel João Vieira

Manuel João Vieira

Manuel João Vieira was born on October 17, 1962, in Lisbon.

He is the eldest son of the Portuguese painter João Rodrigues Vieira and studied at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes in Lisbon. Mentor of the Ena Pá 2000, Corações de Atum and Irmãos Catita projects, he was born in 1962 in Lisbon. And this city is the main stage where the artist works, in areas as diverse as painting, music, cinema, politics or literature. Manuel João Vieira has a very strong theatrical and humorous component, which combines a critical and sharp personality towards society and its customs or characteristics.

In 1983, the Homeostético Group was born, which focused on the emerging artistic trends at the time and simultaneously brought together different trends such as music, comics or cinema. Manuel João Vieira, among others, was part of the creation of this project, marked by criticism of the artistic scene and which saw its extinction in 1986.

In the field of visual arts, once again there is a tendency towards scenographic and theatrical creation, this time with the construction of inhospitable spaces and grotesque environments or simply the domain of the fantastic.