Maria Inês Cordeiro
July 18, 2023

Maria Inês Cordeiro

Guest Curator

Maria Inês Cordeiro is Librarian and Director of the National Library of Portugal.

Doctorate in Information Science from the University of London has research work developed throughout her career in areas such as organization knowledge and the application of information technologies in libraries. The natural environment of your interests is populated by everything that makes history and current life of human expression recorded and transmitted, especially on paper - graphic representations of the real world in any area of knowledge, or imagination; talent and talent in any art, from poetry to poetry. music, passing through the plastic of drawing or engraving, whose dissemination was also born with books… 

Of the wide universe that is; the CPS catalogue, here are your choices as guest curator of an imaginary exhibition.



Xavier, Rencontre Nocturne, Engraving



Sofia Areal, Untitled, Screen Printing



Leonel Moura, Altamira Series | Painting designed by RAP (Robotic Action Painter)



Eurico, A little more sun I was ember a little more blue I was beyond, Serigraphy



José by Guimarães, Drawings in the Sand Series, Screen Printing



Niurka Bou, Pasion, Engraving



Serigraphy by David de Almeira

David de Almeida, Cadence, Serigraphy



Maria Sara, Screen Printing by Ana Romãozinho

Ana Romãozinho, Maria Sara (Mulheres Saramaguianas), Screen Printing


Cristina Ataíde, Untitled, Screen Printing


Dorindo, Untitled, Screen Printing


Serigraphy by Eduardo Nery

Eduardo Nery, Untitled, Screen Printing


Gravura de Març ;al

Marçal, "Reflection", Engraving