Discover the artist: Jan Voss
Sept. 28, 2021

Discover the artist: Jan Voss

Jan Voss is one of the most prominent and recognized German artists and CPS was privileged to edit him.


He belonged to the KWY group, which also included Portuguese artists Lourdes Castro, René Bertholo, António Costa Pinheiro, João Vieira, José Escada and Gonçalo Duarte and the Bulgarian Christo.


René Bertholo, Gonçalo Duarte, José Escada, Lourdes Castro, Costa Pinheiro, João Vieira, Jan Voss and Christo.


With a name that included three letters absent from the Portuguese alphabet, KWY, the group was formed around an arts and literature magazine with the same name, published in Paris between 1958 and 1964, of limited edition and homemade, which is today an important bibliographical treasure.


The KWY group was a major driving force behind the opening of Portuguese art to the international context, which deserved an important retrospective exhibition at the Centro Cultural de Belém in 2001 and at the Fundação de Serralves Museum, in Oporto, in 2015.


Jan Voss, "Pignon sur Rue", Screen print 56 x 76 cm, 2008 


Jan Voss' work reflects an eternal search for order, in the very creation of order, as opposed to a perpetual, chaotic and complex movement. It can either convey tremendous tranquility or powerful vibrancy with saturated colors.


Jan Voss, Untitled, Etching, 71 x 90,5 cm, 2008.


The artist has held exhibitions in the most important contemporary art museums and is now represented in the main world collections such as the MoMa - Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.


Photos: Jan Voss at CPS Studio in 2008