David de Almeida / Espiga Pinto
June 21, 2020

David de Almeida / Espiga Pinto

Two artworks, two authors

At first glance, finding points of connection between the aesthetics of David de Almeida and Espiga Pinto can seem like a challenge. In his work, David de Almeida explores a detailed study of line and form, supported by a delicate, sensorial, minimalist and subtle abstraction from the point of view of composition. And Espiga Pinto, through the signs represented, carries elements of his native land with him, in a dance of movement, light and color. If on the one hand we have an artist who approaches the elements represented in a pure and pragmatic gesture, on the other hand we have a figurative and rich in elements expression.


David de Almeida, Cadence (Cadência)


Espiga Pinto, Horse on Festivity (Cavalo em Festa)


These two pieces, however, have an interesting and rich connection between them. They communicate, not only through the earth tones, but also through their meanings. The use of the circle as a gesture and also as an element, is a common characteristic in both. Regarding the composition, we can see that the two artworks are split. In Cadence (Cadência) we have a horizontal artwork broken in half by a vertical axis marked by the use of a bloody tone in contrast to the ocher tone. In Horse in Festivity (Cavalo em Festa) we observe an artwork with a verticality crossed by a horizontal break, drastically delimited, but also achieved through the play of color.

After a few minutes of observation, we are sent to a conclusion: these two pieces communicate. With the presence of each other, they gain new dimensions and meanings, and it will certainly be difficult for them to remain indifferent.


Art Advisory - CPS Gallery at CCB