Una rosa per te

Magda Ćwik

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano 5 GS 300gr Paper
  • Image Size: 58x40 cm
  • Total Size: 70x50 cm
  • No. of Colors: 16
  • Date: 2023
  • 100 units
  • Ref.: S36686



 Magda Ćwik, Polish painter, muralist, art director, graphic designer and video producer, currently lives and works in Barcelona. Unifying the opposites, achieving balance and harmony between thought and action, is the key to achieving balance and harmony. According to the artist, the objective of art seeks to unite very diverse aspects of knowledge, such as science and esotericism, converging in a profound vision of reality. The serigraphy “Una Rosa per te”, in an image full of symbols, is a great example of the creation of an image. a kind of cosmogony in the style of surrealism, colorful and vitalistic, based on the hands and the gesture of drawing, clearly inspired by the lithography “Drawing Hands” by the famous Dutch artist, M. C. Escher (1898-1972). The shell is is the initial cradle of this creation in which the eyes represent the role of knowledge and supernatural perception, in the loving harmony between the human, the cosmic and the divine (3 of cups). Precious gift, a rose from the artist for each of us.

Maria João Fernandes

AICA - International Association of Art Critics

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