Never ending

Amélia Soares

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  • Engraving and Collage on Japanese paper
  • Fabriano Tiepolo 290gr Paper
  • Image Size: 48 x 39 cm
  • Total Size: 66 x 50 cm
  • Date: 2022
  • 50 units
  • Ref.: G36574

Work using various collages and overlapping prints on Japanese paper.

Amélia Soares (b. 1950) completed her training in plastic arts at the Escola Superior de Belas-Artes de Lisboa with a course in Animation Cinema at the Royal College of Art , London. A training that later developed in Canada; and in the USA. An award-winning artist, she has been holding individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal and abroad.
In her engraving with various impressions and collage, “Never Ending”, the suggestion of the circle Privileged here, it evokes the interaction of color and geometric form in the painting of Sonia and Robert Delaunay at the origin of Orphism. The color and light that radiates from the whites and sparkles in the reds, generate infinite circular rhythms that seem inspired by music and that, in contact with the verticals, reproduce the essential rhythms of the forms and movements of the Cosmos.

Maria João Fernandes

AICA - International Association of Art Critics

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