O Meu Império Fica Num País Distante III

Gabriel Garcia

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  • Intaglio
  • Fabriano 5 GF 300gr Paper
  • Image Size: 60,5x43 cm
  • Total Size: 84,5x64,5 cm
  • Date: 2010
  • 75 units
  • Ref.: G238

BOSCH'S INNOCENCE If it were possible to transform the fantastic and apocalyptic universe of Bosch (the genius of Dutch painting of the 15th and 16th centuries) by giving him the innocence of Through the magical gaze of a child, the result would perhaps be this kaleidoscope of figures straight out of ancient fables, from the time when animals spoke and men had not yet been deprived of an availability to the intimate mysteries of nature and its nature. Gabriel Garcia seduces us in his engraved creations with a dreamlike atmosphere, a wonderful setting where we watch the parade of humanity's ancestral fears and future dreams, dressed in the costumes of an innocent and evil fantasy. gica.

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