Tecnologia de Pontas

António Homem Cardoso

  • Sold Out
  • Photography
  • Digital Photo Paper
  • Image Size: 40x60 cm
  • Total Size: 40x60 cm
  • Date: 2008
  • 25 units
  • Ref.: F044

In Homem Cardoso's two series of photographs, whether those that reproduce a technological reality or those that come close to the universe of painting (singularly reminiscent of that of the German artist Peter Klasen, exponent of international narrative figuration), in variations of light and color, Cutting out the objects in space, human solitude is always the common denominator that touches us and involves us in the magic of these stripped-down settings. A cold beauty that nevertheless releases the very particular seduction of an enigma that we are told about and that remains unsolved, the enigma of the human condition and the world associated with it that is not always in line with one's most intimate desires and needs.