Nuno Saraiva

Nuno Saraiva

Nuno Saraiva was born in 1969, in Lisbon.

As an Editorial Illustrator, he collaborated with practically the entire Portuguese written press, with emphasis on Expresso, Observador, Público or TimeOut Lisboa. With Júlio Pinto he created the comic series "Filosofia de Ponta", "Arnaldo o Post Cataléptico" and "A Guarda Abília". In recent years he published with João Miguel Tavares "The Crisis explained to children" (Esfera dos Livros) with a Greek version (Patakis Publications); illustrated the book "Caríssimas 40 songs - Sérgio Godinho and the songs of others" (Abysmo); "This is an Assault" with Francisco Louçde; and Mariana Mortágua (Bertrand) and “Aníbal Milhais - the soldier Milhões”, text by José Jorge Letria (Logical Duck).

He designed the Lisbon Festivals that animated festivals from 2014 until the end of 2014. today. Participate in the “Sardinha by Bordallo” (Fabrica de Faiança Bordallo Pinheiro) with his “Sardinha do Golção”, commemorating the winning achievement of our team at Euro 2016. His book "All this is Fado! " (Fado Museum), was awarded the “Best Comic Book 2016” (FIBDA). He won the now-returned competition for Literary Creation Grants in the BD modality by order of the Minister of Culture and approved by the Director-General of Books, Archives and Libraries, 2018. currently teaching at the Ar.Co school of arts and communication where he helped create several workshops in the area of illustration, comics and cinema and at the LSD school, Lisbon School of Design where he coordinates an illustration studio ;digital. Author of the images for the Lisbon festivities promoted by EGEAC since 2014, he now develops the entire set of Trophies for the Lisbon Marches.

In addition to classes and the studio, he also dedicates himself to teaching. Mural Painting, having already completed a degree in Mural Painting. around 6 works spread across the city of Lisbon and surrounding areas.