Carlos Knorr

Carlos Knorr

Carlos Knorr is a pop-street artist born in 1983 who works with drawing and painting. He lived in Zambujeira do Mar until his death. at the age of 17, when he moved to Lisbon, where he completed his degree in Industrial/Graphic Design. The course puts you in contact with numerous artistic and graphic techniques and technologies, which, along with the new city experience, further stimulates your vocation for painting and the arts in general.

Since then, it has had several exhibitions and collective and individual collaborations, where pieces that seduce by narrative, fantasy, "nonsense" and humor prevail.< /p>

The universe of Carlos Knorr's painting is Strongly influenced by pop and street culture, often mixing traditional techniques and aesthetics with more contemporary languages. It even cultivates a certain Kitsch language.

He returned to the Zambujeira do Mar in 2018, where he currently lives.