Alfonso Sicília Sobrino

Alfonso Sicília Sobrino

Born in Madrid in 1963, Afonso Sicília Sobrino studied at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid and in 1985 was invited by the Youth Institute to hold his first solo exhibition.

At the beginning of his career, he works from constructivist references to which he introduces matter, which makes him the heir to Spanish informalism, specifically Lucio Muñoz. Later, these structured and rigid surfaces are superimposed with dynamic motifs that give a new reading to his work. With this contrast, Sicilia Sobrino approaches the values introduced into Spanish painting by Luis Gordillo. His work is characterised by rough and metallic textures and a great deal of colour.

In the 1990s he evolved into an emblematic painting, in which silver silhouettes of recognisable characters such as Mickey Mouse, or objects, flowers, flags and stars, covered with a layer of polyester that gives the surface a metallic quality, are superimposed on monochrome backgrounds. His solo exhibitions include those held at Galeria Oliva Arauna, Madrid (1988), Emilio Navarro, Madrid (1991), Galeria 57, Madrid (1994).

He was awarded prizes at the Alcobendas Fine Arts Competition, Madrid (1993), the II Biennial of the City of Albacete (1988), the III Biennial of Painting of Murcia (1989) and the Carlos Haes Painting Prize of the College of Engineers of Madrid (1993).