CPS MEMBER - Contemporary Art Collector


CPS – Portuguese Printmaking Centre has been sharing, since 1985, the value of Art, offering Members the contemporary creation vitality and allowing privileged access to exclusive and great quality prints. CPS represents the guarantee of authenticity and originality, proven by the large number of awards already received and the wide range selection of edited works, directly with hundreds of national and foreign artists.



CPS - Portuguese Printmaking Centre is a cultural entity which aims:

A. To promote and edit Fine Art Printing editions of contemporary Portuguese and foreign artists, especially to its Members – Art Collectors.

B. To encourage and provide the artists with the necessary conditions to the conception, development and print of their visual creations in CPS Print Studio. This space includes the most traditional techniques – Screenprinting, Engraving and Lithography - but also the recent ones – Photography and Digital Print.

C. To defend the pedagogical, formative and diffusive role of Fine Art Printing and its social and cultural importance, an object of greater proximity to the viewer and as a privileged creative process in the context of visual arts.

D. To promote intensively and in a constructive way the Art in Portugal and abroad, whether are consecrated or new artists, always being guided by principles of quality, rigor and authenticity.



A. Each member pays for a monthly fee, depending on its relation with CPS: more antique members have lower fees, giving them the same rights as recent ones, paying an expensive one. The fee gives you the right to choose Subscription editions (for direct exchange), without any additional payment or obligation of choice.

B. Each new member pays a registration fee established by CPS and intended to provide for initial costs. This fee may be reduced or abolished under certain partnerships, promotions, etc and its value can be updated whenever it is considered convenient.

C. With registration fee payment, you can choose a print from available member editions, usually up to €395 (6M).Under certain conditions (partnerships, campaigns), the quantity and value of the work may be different.

D. Each member pays for a monthly fee (mentioned on the Registration Form) by means of bank transfer or credit card.

E. Following CPS purposes and to complement the entire national and international aspect of the dissemination of artists and their art, through regular exhibitions and events, catalogs, promotion in the magazine or international Portuguese representation, each members fee is also intended to develop the artistic and bibliographical promotion of authors and their works.

F. Fee direct exchange editions are specially designed to CPS members as a result of special cooperation with the artists. They correspond to a certain number of monthly fees (4M, 6M, 8M, etc) according to their market value.

G. Fee direct exchange editions is the most valuable way for members to get their favorite prints. The sum of the fees value used is always lower than PVP, with an approximated 40% discount and without any additional payment.

H. Other editions are mostly made up of works not edited by CPS, consignments or editions without special conditions on the part of the artists, and for that reason, aren’t Fee direct exchange. However, even so, in some cases, it is possible to use fee exchange. For example, a print mentioning a 75% fee exchange means the member can use its cumulated member fees to buy it, until 75% of members’ price.

I. CPS member receives twice a year the free “arte” magazine, where most recent editions are presented. It guides and helps him decide on his choices and preferences. All available prints can also be chosen accessing our webpage www.cps.pt.

J. He also receives CPS Member Card, giving discounts and additional advantages with CPS partners.

K. Members receive invitations and newsletters concerning exhibitions, art fairs and other cultural events, as well as regular information on CPS activities.

L. CPS Membership minimum period is 12 months, automatically renewable every year. After this time members are free to cancel their membership with a 30 days written notice.

M. If they wish to cancel it before 1 year of membership they must pay in advance for the total amount of 12 monthly fees.

N. After cancellation, the member has one year to choose the Artworks according to the fees he has already paid for. After that period he loses it's right.

O. Given the nature of the fees regarding artistic and cultural promotion, the accumulated fees are intended for the aforementioned purposes (D to H), and cannot be claimed in cash.

P. In the fees update, and whenever possible, CPS will maintain the fee value with which the Member signed up, affecting only the Members signed after the update.

Q. The Member will be able to resume membership under the same conditions, maintaining his fee value, for a period of one year from the last quota paid. If the resumption occurs after one year of suspension, the value of the fee will remain only if all the overdue fees since the date of withdrawal are settled. Otherwise, the fee value at the time of the resumption will apply.



A. Easy and privileged access to the work of contemporary Portuguese and foreign artists, of consecrated by their merit and representativeness.

B. Wide range of exclusive editions, comprising different original print techniques- screenprint, engraving, lithography, photography and digital print - from contemporary artists.

C. Editorial quality in all works, according to selective parameters established by the artists and CPS Studio, awarded and internationally recognized.

D. Guarantee of authenticity and originality, proven by the great number of exhibitions and the usual presence in most important national and international cultural fairs and events.

E. Personalized member contact based on an efficient, clarifying and continuous relation with the clients.



A. CPS has its own Studio ready to provide artists with the necessary conditions for developing and printing their visual creations in techniques such as: Screenprinting, engraving, lithography, photography and digital print.

B. CPS Studio provides artists with the necessary tools and professional experience in print editions. In this process the artist is free to aesthetically explore the features of each technique and take the necessary decisions to provide the work with an original character within the multiplicity of Original Print editions.

C. The screenprint, engraving, lithography, photography and digital print editions made in CPS Studio include not only the artists’ direct intervention,but also the precision quality control of each print. All prints are numbered and signed by the artist, with the certainty that there won’t be any further editions, giving a unique and unrepeatable character to it.

D. The numbering is done by a fraction, where the denominator represents the total of the edition and the numerator the number of the print within the edition. Example for an edition of 50 copies: 1/50 to 50/50. In Portugal the maximum number of prints is usually 200 plus 25 PA (Artist’s proofs) and 25 HC (Hors Commerce, to the editor).

E. To increase its unique and authentic character, each print is numbered and signed by the artist, stamped with a CPS seal, and reproduced in “arte” magazine and website www.cps.pt.

F. To each work is defined a price, in accordance with the artist, depending on his market value, and on the print’s size, layout and technical complexity.



The easiest way to return or exchange a print is contacting CPS galleries until 15 days after the purchase date. If it’s not possible, it should be posted in a safe packaging to: Rua dos Industriais, 6 - 1249-023 Lisboa. The work must be in perfect conditions, without any visible damage that compromises its future sale.

If there are different values resulting from the exchange of prints, CPS is free to indicate the conditions of the return and exchange.



For your information, the personal data collected in the registration form will be integrated in the CPS databases with the purpose of legitimately pursuing the contractual and legal duties deriving from the contract celebrated between you and the CPS, in accordance with Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016), namely allowing the legal processing of fee payment and the compliance with all the remaining conditions – rights and duties of the members – and also, under that scope, sending invitations to exhibitions, art fairs andother events, as well as regular information on the cultural activity of the CPS through the CPS newsletter.

The data processing is digital, under strict compliance with the legislation on personal data protection, stored in a specific database, and under no circumstance will the collected data be:

• Used for purposes other than those which the law or the subscription contract allow;
• Given to any entity to whom their presentation is not compulsory (such as the Treasury); and
• Kept beyond the largest necessary period for fiscal purposes.


The collected personal data are strictly the necessary elements for the fulfilment of the declared duties and purposes, and you are always entitled to:

• Access, correct, delete (under the legal conditions) and restrict the processing (under the legal conditions) of the supplied personal data;
• Be informed of the existence of any violation of data in accordance with Article 34 of the GDPR; and
• The right to complain to a controlling authority – CNPD – Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados – in accordance with Article 12 of the GDPR.

 In case you have not accurately supplied your data, and depending on the case, the CPS may:

• Not be held responsible for the correct processing of the rights and duties of the members and the CPS deriving from the subscription contract.


 It is also our duty to provide the contacts of the CPS to those who can exercise the abovementioned rights:


Rua dos Industriais, 6

1249-023 Lisboa Portugal

T. +351 213 933 260

E-mail: contacto@cps.pt