Inês Meneses
Dec. 4, 2023

Inês Meneses

Guest Curator

Inês Meneses was born in Lisbon in 1971. She does radio and writes. Author of “Fala com Ela”, “Amor é” (in partnership with Júlio Machado Vaz) or "O Coração Ainda Bate" (The Heart Still Beats), a podcast for Público. She has just edited the book: “Máquina de Escrever Sentimentos” (Feelings Writing Machine) with illustrations by her daughter, Maria Inês, a student at Escola António Arroio.

As a guest curator, tell us what was the basis of your choices in the CPS collection of works:


"The House of Colors

I imagined a house: lots of cement that was smooth before being smoothed, rough edges, sliding panels instead of doors. With the intention of starting by filling the walls before the rest. (Avoiding the distraction of white can cause rivers of paint to flow).

A house without majorities where women and men were equally represented. A house that could never be a museum.

I now know all these colors by heart."

Inês Meneses


Photo: Rita Carmo



Ana Vidigal, "I dream of a house without doors", Serigraphy


Pedro Calapez, "The Dreams of Faust", screen printing intervened


Francisco Vidal, "Prometeu Agrilhoado", Screen Printing


Cláudia R. Sampaio, "O Jardim", Screen Printing


Bráulio, Untitled, Screen Printing


Ana Jacinto Nunes, "My dog", Serigraphy


Cruzeiro Seixas, "The False Character", Screen Printing


Mário Cesariny, "Surrealist Castle", Screen Printing


Bela Silva, "Journey to Japan", Screen Printing