O falso personagem

Cruzeiro Seixas

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano Accademia 350gr Paper
  • Image Size: 67x53,5 cm
  • Total Size: 88x70 cm
  • No. of Colors: 8
  • Date: 2016
  • 150 units
  • Ref.: S35104

Collage /  Unusual edition where the Master reinvents his own work through the use of collage of silkscreen proofs of other works by him.


Reproduced in: Cruzeiro Seixas - Graphic Work / Multiple Art 1976 - 2018, Ed. CPS, Page. 61



The creative imagination of Cruzeiro Seixas is in full swing. Once again evident in these two screen prints, new editions from the Portuguese Screen Printing Center with which it has maintained over time. historical collaboration. It reveals to us a very particular universe and also the contemporary imagination, the dreams and ghosts of an entire civilization. We are dazzled by the spectacle of a world in eternal metamorphosis, which is not a reality. It is a mirror of the known reality, but its inside unknown, with the movement of a union between all the kingdoms and their creatures, where nothing ever seems to have a definitive form. Wonderful world with strange and composite figures between the animate and the inanimate, in a confusion of kingdoms, animal, human, mineral, aquatic, in conflict or in harmonious fusion, submitted to the laws of the game and do

chance, denying them. Disturbing dreamlike universe between the lunar, the terrestrial and the aquatic, with a luminous transparency that corresponds to an enigma, sometimes in an atmosphere of suspension and threat, of suffering and aggression very characteristic of the world. stics of our

time, like what is guessed in “False Character”. Continent of the imagination where the clear figures of a loving expectation are cut out, blue and white moons, anchored bicycles that are boats forgotten to sail, stars that are also birds, figures of a secret where no ;there is There is room for the sea, because the real sea is the sea. This is the warm, fresh horizon of dreams.

Maria João Fernandes (AICA - International Association of Art Critics)

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