Written Word in Visual Arts
April 13, 2021

Written Word in Visual Arts

Versatility and power of the message

The word is a powerful tool and no one knows this better than artists who use text in their works as a means of communication in artistic expression.

The versatility and power of the written word in the visual arts forces the viewer to reflect.

Political activism, clever wordplay, subversion of advertising, and appropriation of form are just a few common features of the power of art using text.

We leave you with some examples of artists edited by CPS who use word as a mean to send their message.


Serigrafia de Alexandra Mesquita

"Reflected Voice", Screen print by Alexandra Mesquita


Serigrafia de Miguel Januário

"We are not a loan", Screen print by Miguel Januário


Serigrafia de João Vilhena de tributo a José Saramago

"The Melancholy of Words", Screen print by João Francisco Vilhena


Serigrafia de Sandro Resende

"Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread", Screen print by Sandro Resende


Serigrafia de Liz Collini

"Nem uma coisa nem outra", Screen print by Liz Collini

Work acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum


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