Silva Palmeira / João Abel Manta
July 30, 2020

Silva Palmeira / João Abel Manta

Two bridges, two authors

Two bridges, two authors, the same river. Silva Palmeira has over the years created an intimate relationship with graphic art, more precisely with the technique of Serigraphy. It is with great mastery that he highlights the most diverse landscapes and perspectives. In his works, he conveys seemingly direct narratives, but full of meaning and poetry. I point out the meaning of the line. More precisely, the pragmatism used in choosing the lines represented. A process that, although it seems simple, contains a great exercise of reflection. In this piece - whose title is both concrete and poetic - the author explores the connection between the city of Lisbon and the south, in a languid trace that conveys tranquility.


Silva Palmeira, Lisbon a Port to Peace (Lisboa um Porto para a Paz)


João Abel Manta, Untitled


On the other hand, the artist João Abel Manta, presents us, in his first CPS edition, a digital print that brings us the beauty of a perspective of the same river, but from another bridge. Architect by formation - and perhaps the presence of the architectural element is so marked in this work - not only the bridge over the Tagus itself, but also the pier where seagulls are at rest.

Although we're facing two different techniques and two artists who are also very distinct, there is a great connection between the views of both. In the two perspectives presented, Lisbon is seen as a port and a point of departure or arrival in relation to a distant horizon.

Both works give the observer a break from the fast pace of the city, and a moment to appreciate the beauty it can give us.


Art Advisory - CPS Gallery at CCB