Morning prayer

Kruella D`Enfer

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano Artistico GF 300gr Paper
  • Image Size: 67 x 46,5 cm
  • Total Size: 76 x 56 cm
  • Date: 2022
  • 100 units
  • Ref.: S36629

Tribute work by the artist to saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders (1940-2022)

There is who associates with the work by Kruella d’Enfer, pseudonym of Ângela Ferreira (b. 1988), with a connection to street art and fascinated by the strange, the surreal and the complex, the fact that he was born on a stormy Halloween night. The tattoos, the mythical creatures and the legends where some draw their inspiration are not visible in this screen printing work of his, a true hymn to art. solar joy of life, “invention of the clear day” quoting Almada Negreiros. Revealing the genuine fascination with the treasures of the visible that involves in the same embrace of the luminous atmosphere the humblest creatures of nature and the animal sphere, the vital and sovereign impetus of the forms of the vegetable world and the symbols of a terrestrial and celestial harmony. The square and the circle, red and blue, a sacred geometry connote the fusion of the elements in tune with the coexistence of day and night, symbolizing the union of the conscious and the unconscious.

Maria João Fernandes

AICA - International Association of Art Critics

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