Luar ao Oriente


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  • Intaglio
  • Natural Silk
  • Image Size: 52,5X54 cm
  • Total Size: 65X67 cm
  • Date: 2005
  • 25 units
  • Ref.: G131

Etching and guatinta without silk

Engraving and Poetry of Nature In the work of Humberto Marçal the forms of the plant world symbolize all the energy of growth and transformation that presides over the destinies of the Cosmos, a sensitive image of nature capable of involving in its sphere the human. In the present works, sophisticated prints on silk halfway between engraving and painting, The wisdom of the engraver combines the gaze of the poet and the aesthetics of the painter, attentive to the art of art. depth and depth sensoriality of space, vibration in the instant, opening in light and color, the webs of an aquatic and terrestrial intimacy.

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