Noite de lua luando


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  • Digital Print
  • Cotton Canvas
  • Image Size: 80x60 cm
  • Total Size: 80x60 cm
  • Date: 2021
  • 80 units
  • Ref.: ED36268

★ Special Edition 80 Years of the artist ★

A print run of 80 copies in symbolic reference to the island. age of the artist who signed all the copies

Work supplied in crate

Roberto Chichorro, who was born in 1941 in Mozambique and settled in Portugal, has established himself as one of the great lyrical painters of our time. This work brings together central themes from the loving universe of which he is a part. excellent interpreter. Under the sign of the moon, a star that invites dreams and energy. evasion and which repeats and prolongs the gesture of the lovers, we witness the intense embrace of the couple that sets the space on fire and gives it the soul of their own passion. A passion that synthesizes the flowing rhythms and telleric, aquatic, terrestrial and solar energies of a nature that seems to be an integral part of the silent and complicit city. An idyllic harmony so characteristic of the universe of an artist who, upon celebrating 80 years, joins the The poet's wisdom is the magical innocence of childhood evoked in this image, as well as music, a constant of his art. Music, painting and poetry in this framework of happy contrasts of primary colors, create the atmosphere of a lived and dreamed reality, lived in dreams, dreamed in life, its best legacy.


Maria João Fernandes

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