Collector's Cabinet

Oct. 22, 2022 - Nov. 20, 2022

The exhibition "Cabinet of the Collector" revisits prominent artists and editions, mainly from the 1970s, with several works published by the historic Gravura - Sociedade Cooperativa de Gravadores Portugueses. It is stated as a fair tribute and revaluation of the artists and editors who preceded and inspired the CPS and whose work is today part of important institutional collections, such as the Foundation's collection; Calouste Gulbenkian (FCG), but also many private collectors who recognized these artists, and in particular their graphic work, as important milestones in artistic creation.


In Portugal, in modern and contemporary history, Engraving, created in 1956, had special importance on the editorial level but also on the educational level, transmitting knowledge. Each of the creators on display, at their time, used various techniques, which today we include in the conceptual sphere of graphic work: engraving, lithography and screen printing.


In 1976, FCG opened the exhibition "20 Years of Engraving" in its Headquarters building as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations. anniversary of Engraving in which most of the artists present in the exhibition "Cabinet of the Collector" took part at the CPS at CCB.


The text by art critic Maria João Fernandes for the exhibition reads: "Between figuration, abstraction and conceptual art with a revisit In addition to surrealism and expressionism, in the excellent set of screen prints and engravings that make up the exhibition, different styles and different generations are represented, from the now disappeared Carlos Botelho< /strong> (1899-1982), João Hogan (1914-1988), Ilda Reis (1923-1998), Eduardo Luiz (1932-1988), Fernando Calhau (1948 – 2002) and Eurico Gonçalves (1932-2022) to Camila Loureiro (1932 ), Gil Teixeira Lopes (1936), Guilherme Parente (1940), José Faria (1940), Man strong> (1941), Pol Gachon (French, 1942) and Matilde Marçal (1946)."


Free entry.


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