Rico Sequeira

Rico Sequeira

Born in Portugal, in 1954. His exhibition path, which began in 1982, is recorded in several countries, among which Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland stand out. , Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. Among individual and group exhibitions in galleries, the artist was also invited to exhibit in some museums as well as in International Art Fairs and Salons, such as ARCO, FAC, Estampa or Grands et al. Youth.


Most recent exhibitions:

Tavares Proença Júnior Museum. Castelo Branco, Portugal

José Malhoa ‘The Reality of the Imaginary” – C.P.S. Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

Tavira Museum – Gallery Palace. Tavira, Portugal.

Meisterman Museum. Wittlich, Germany

Kunst Kabinet Museum. Jena, Germany

Am Wall Gallery. Walshut, Germany

Jean Benezit Gallery. Paris, France

Michel Vokaer Gallery. Brussels, Belgium

Conde Duque Gallery. Madrid, Spain

Im Cranachus Gallery. Wimar, Germany

John R. Wullshleger Gallery. Zurich – Kloten, Switzerland

National Gallery ‘Tutesall’ – Luxembourg, Luxembourg

World Expo 98 Luxembourg Pavilion. Lisbon, Portugal

Domaines de Wellenstein c/ R. Brandy and G. Gras. Wellenstein, Luxembourg.

Hélène Lamarque Gallery. Rouen, France

Synthesis Gallery. Brussels, Belgium

Astley Gallery ‘Drei aus Drei’. Uttersberg, Sweden

Art Rooms Gallery. Malmo, Sweden

Galeria António Prates. Lisbon, Portugal.

Dominique Lang Gallery. Dudelange, Luxembourg

B.C.E.E ‘AM TUNEL’ Tribute Exhibition. Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Claudia Chin Gallery. Montereal, Canada.

Galeria Syntése ‘Art on paper’. Brussels, Belgium.