Luzia Lage

Luzia Lage

Born in October 1962, in Lisbon.

He took the Drawing and Painting Course at IADE and, at the same time, the Painting Course at the University of Fine Arts of Lisbon.

About the author, Lídia Jorge wrote: “Through animist expressionism, her work reveals the rigor of drawing, the transfiguration of the body and freedom in space ;o”; “...Luzia Lage paints the perplexity of Life. The weight of reality and the lightness of overcoming. The strength of dreams and the distance of sleep. The mystery of creativity and the limit of your hands. The dazzle of the idea and the oscillation of matter…”.

She was awarded the following prizes: 1st; Press Award in the Plastic Arts category “Female Personality of Portugal 2009” and the International Prize: 1st; Painting and Fidelity Award Art attributed by the Vera World Fine Art Festival 2015. In addition to the many individual and collective exhibitions in which she participates, the author works with public work, of which we highlight the three-dimensional tile panel - “Mã es de Água”, CREL and the collective commemorative panel for the inauguration of Casa do Artista in Lisbon.