Loli Aldazabal

Loli Aldazabal

Loli Aldazabal, born in Buenos Aires on November 15, 1980.

In 1999, he moved to the city of Buenos Aires, beginning plastic studies with Ethien Gontar. It was after being in this workshop that he decided to formalize his knowledge and enter the Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Santa Ana, to start the Faculty of Fine Arts. At the same time, he started with photography. After a period of realistic painting, he entered Gabriel Baggio's workshop, where he managed to take a leap and venture into other languages. É After a long trip to the East, he decides to take a break from artistic production for a while. Thus begins a new stage, far from realism. Through the hand of the Argentine artist Eduardo Medici, he manages to achieve a more personal path, always alternating his gaze under the guidance of several artists, such as Rodolfo ScafidiI, Tulio de Sagastizábal, Mariela Sacfati who gave him allow you to delve deeper into the technique and, at the same time, the concept of production. Meanwhile, he actively participates in different collective and individual exhibitions, and competes for awards such as the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, with a mention at Banco Provincia and biennials. He also participates in art residencies such as Hangar in Lisbon, Portugal

In 2019 she was invited by the António Prates Art Gallery, Lisbon to hold a solo exhibition and by the Portuguese Screen Printing Center, Lisbon, to carry out screen prints.

The work is for Loli Aldazabal, a great metaphor about the search for balance and constant changes. É a reflection of your everyday reflections.

Currently lives and works in the city of Buenos Aires.