Federico Echevarría Sainz

Federico Echevarría Sainz


Federico Echevarría Sainz (b. 1944, Bilbao) é architect, sculptor and painter. In your work there is a latent search for movement and dynamism to recreate flexible spatial coordinates.

LOVE FOR PAINTING: An idea that inevitably arises when looking at Federico Echevarría's painting is: that she is cultured; its beauty, its refinement and its mature and reflective manifestation imply a long process of cultural assimilation, from the beginning, rooted in a conception of art, and therefore of existence ;ncy, in which the habit of culture has an important place alongside the desires that form the creator.

FAMILY VOCATION: His interest in art was forged since childhood, passed on by his grandfather, José José Carlos; María Sainz Aguirre, architect, and her father, Federico Echevarría, her great-uncle, Juan Echevarria and her brother Jorge, painters. All of them are very important references to 20th Century Architecture, Sculpture and Painting.

ARCHITECTURE: Fifty years creating urbanism and architecture around the world. Inspired by the art world in search of dynamism.