António Domingues

António Domingues

Born in Lisbon on 1st November 1921, António Domingues attended the António Arroio School, where he later became a serigraphy teacher. He was a night school student, iron dealer, and maquette artist in a lithography.

He was also, since 1946, a militant of the Portuguese Communist Party. He crossed canvases with politics and participated, namely, in the Biennial of Plastic Arts. Meanwhile, flanked by his old companions - Leonel Rodrigues, Moniz Pereira, Marcelino Vespeira, Alexandre O'Neill, Mário Cesariny, Cruzeiro Seixas and others - he founded the Lisbon Surrealist Group.

In 1942, he frequented the artistic gatherings of the café Hermínios. He is the author of the series of drawings "Legends of Timor", and left an autobiography, published in 1986 by the newspaper "Diário". He was anarcho-syndicalist politician, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "A Batalha", and partner and journalist of Editorial Globo. In the surrealist field, although his participation was brief, due to the fact that he then left to surrender to the political party struggle, he left some poems and a contribution in the great cadavre-exquis of 1948, exposed in the first exhibition of the Surrealist Group of Lisbon.

However, he did not abandon artistic activity completely, giving classes and working as a graphic artist and illustrator, and finally returning to painting. Among his individual exhibitions, we highlight: 1977, Retrospective Exhibition, National Museum of Nature, Luanda, Angola; 1986, Angolan Writers' Union, Luanda, Angola; 1988, SNBA, Lisbon; 1994, Camões Municipal Library, Lisbon; 1996, Journalists' Club, Lisbon.

António Domigues passed away on 14th August 2004.