Book launch "Fascínio da Linha" by José Faria
Nov. 2, 2023

Book launch "Fascínio da Linha" by José Faria

On November 9, at 5 p.m. the launch of the book "Fascínio da Linha" by José Faria, a new and relevant edition of the Portuguese Serigraphy Center, will take place at the CPS gallery at the Belém Cultural Center.


Inspired by Canto IX of Os Lusíadas, the book includes 12 unpublished engravings that explore the virtues of drypoint and etching techniques. José Faria also handwritten the poem in the calligraphy of the time and the result is a fascinating work that truly represents the artistic skill of José Faria.


According to Isabel Hub Faria, who prefaces the book, "Canto IX is full of elements appealing to the senses. It has smells, it has sounds, it has colors, it has flowers, it has trees, it has forests, it has seasonings, spices, it has fruits, has various instruments, some musical, zithers, harps, flutes, golden bows, arrows and darts. Other elements also characterize and complete the same universe: the sea, the waves, the ships, the island , human and non-human beings, sailors, goddesses, gods, nymphs, mermaids, little angels.Finally, functions and characters are recorded, with special emphasis given to Camões (the poet) and Vasco da Gama (the hero). (...)

By offering us as trial, this Fascínio da Linha, José Faria invites us to travel beyond this Canto, opening yet another path for the recognition of all his work."


The engravings will be on display until November 19th.


José Faria was born in 1940 and soon began drawing and engraving, first at the António Arroio School, then at the Sociedade Cooperativa de Gravadores Portugueses “Gravura”, in Lisbon. He was a professor of drawing, engraving and painting in several institutions and, throughout his life, he created and organized several engraving, drawing and painting school-workshops, particularly in Málaga, in Tavira and Lisbon. With two dozen solo exhibitions and more than forty group exhibitions, José Faria is represented in several museums in Europe and South America. He has been awarded several national and international prizes, including the CGP Career Grand Prize. Since 2008, he has worked and taught at Ponto de Luz Atelier, in Lisbon, where he exhibits regularly.



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