Diary not Diary of Cruzeiro Seixas
April 4, 2019

Diary not Diary of Cruzeiro Seixas

Launch and Presentation on April 15th

On the 15th of April, at 6 pm, takes place the launch of the great Album “Diário Não Diário” by Mestre Cruzeiro Seixas, celebrating its 98 years, an edition of CPS - Centro Português de Serigrafia. The event takes place at the National Library of Portugal.

The launch will be attended by the artist, the Director of the National Library, Maria Inês Cordeiro, the Director of Centro Português de Serigrafia, João Prates and the presentation will be in charge of Maria João Fernandes of A.I.C.A. International Association of Art Critics and António Cândido Franco, Teacher at the University of Évora.


Composed from two homonymous notebooks made between 2010 and 2012, "Diary not Diary" (Diário Não Diário) brings together, over 176 pages, a selection of unpublished texts from Cruzeiro Seixas's diaries, quotes, photographs of the artist and his friends, collages, drawings and paintings of the author and numerous letters and documents also unpublished.

To enhance the characteristics and simbolism of this album, reproductions of 5 paintings were manually glued, which folded contain several readings, 26 photographs, 1 poem, 1 invitation with envelope and 3 postcards. The original page design was respected and all changes were directed by the artist.
With manual binding and with album-case, this is a limited edition of only 98 numbered and signed copies.
Each book includes an equally numbered and signed screenprint.

Editor: CPS - Centro Português de Serigrafia
Project Manager: João Prates
Coordination and graphic design: Alexandra Silvano
Support: Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal / Fundação Cupertino de Miranda / Favini


Launch and Presentation:

National Library of Portugal, 15 of April, 6 pm
Campo Grande 83, 1749-081 Lisbon Portugal