Francisco Vidal

Still Free 44

May 3, 2022 - May 23, 2022

The Centro Português de Serigrafia presents, in its gallery at the Centro Cultural de Belém, the exhibition «Still Free 44» by the plastic artist Francisco Vidal - one of the most emblematic artists of his generation - from the 3rd to the 23rd of May.


The exhibition presents a series of 44 paintings (the age of the artist) made on a common serigraphic base. For its design, the artist moved his creative space to the CPS Atelier where the silkscreen technique assumed equal creative relevance and, combined with painting, allowed the creation of a structurally similar series, where each artwork is distinct and original.


In the “Still Free” series, serigraphy assumes a basic territory of freedom. Faced with the same image, the artist reacts by painting in a free, bold and spontaneous way. In his words, “each gesture has an identity and makes the sisters [the various serigraphs] have their own name”.


The exhibition «Still Free 44» is open until 23 May with free admission and follows the exhibition «Still Free» at the Centro Cultural de Cabo Verde (26 Mar-28 May) held in partnership with CPS.


The artist uses strikethrough calligraphy according to the concept of N̶A̶M̶alimba Coelho.


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