Paula Rego

Etchings and Lithographies

May 25, 2017 - June 17, 2017
CPS Sede


Opening with Open Studio: 25 May, 6:30 pm 


An important exhibition of engravings and lithographs by the renowned Portuguese artist Paula Rego opens on 25th May at 6:30 pm at the Headquarters of Portuguese Screen Printing Center(Rua dos Industriais, nº 6 in Lisbon Tel. 213 933 260), open until the end of the year. June 17th.

During the opening, the CPS Screen Printing, Engraving and Lithography Atelier will be in attendance. Open to the visiting public.

The exhibition features works from the well-known series Pendle Witches (1996), After Hogarth(2000) and Jane Eyre (2001-2002). The eminent English critic and art historianTomas Gabriel Rosenthal(1935-2014), highlights the importance of series in his engraving and accentuates the narrative side, whether of painting , whether the artist's engravings, its strong erotic content, the sense of humor and provocation that are its trademark.

A humor that, according to the poet and art critic Maria João Fernandes, “transfigures the cruelty of most of the scenes that reproduce a human comedy seen in his particular and ingenious way.” To all this are added, still according to the same criticism: “an incomparable plastic mastery, an acute sense of social criticism It is an overflowing invention that always leaves us in anticipation and desire for more and more creations that never run out. As the human capacity to suffer and learn from suffering is not exhausted, a kind of station of the cross with a profane meaning where all humanity seems to be crucified, only that in the case of Paula Rego there is no glimpse of any redemption, just a sacrifice without tomorrow, where no one is there. is free from guilt and all are condemned.”

A remarkable exhibition that transports us to the center of the universe of one of the most extraordinary artists of our time to pose to us the enigmas without apparent decipherment of a timeless human condition .


 Reference international artists

The Portuguese Screen Printing Center has made a name for itself not only as a publisher of works of art by contemporary artists of national and international scale, but also as a promoter of editions of international reference, as happened with the exhibitions he held of Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Tàpies, Manolo Valdés, Joseph Beuys, Le Corbusier or Mimmo Rotella, among others and, how is it? Now the case, of this exhibition which, through its initiative, disseminates in Portugal a magnificent set of graphic works by Paula Rego, an expression cultivated with great continuity by the Portuguese painter for many years. very based in London.

Entrance is free. You will be free and will not be free. Acquisition is possible, as the engravings and lithographs were presented for pre-sale to CPS Members, and are completely sold out.


 CPS workshop open during the inauguration

The CPS Atelier - Screen Printing, Engraving and Lithography - located at no. 15 on the same street, there will be Open to the visiting public during the inauguration.

With this initiative, the CPS intends to highlight the creative and technical importance of these expressions, within the scope of the defense and appreciation that it has been carrying out since 1985 in favor of Obra Grá stay.

Atelier CPS


Portuguese Screen Printing Center (Headquarters)

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