CPS arte Magazine Summer 2022
June 24, 2022

CPS arte Magazine Summer 2022

There are new editions of contemporary art on CPS! The "arte" Summer 2022 Magazine is now available (see the online version here) and introduces many new artworks!

Prometheus Bound, from distant Ésquilo, continues to echo in contemporary times, serving as a motto for Francisco Vidal's serigraphy, after a series of successful exhibitions.
A cry for freedom, in color, in gesture, in the process of one of the most important artists of a generation.


And if Art is what remains of the filtered time, perhaps the great literary characters can have new lives, beyond the original pages. This is what the great album Mulheres Saramaguianas reveals to us, celebrating the writer's centenary and in partnership with the José Saramago Foundation. Six notable artists and six prestigious writers praise the work of our Nobel Prize in Literature. Definitely one of the editions of the year.


It is also the poetic word of Cruzeiro Seixas that inspires the serigraphs of Nuno Teixeira. Starting from the micro universe, Patrícia Noronha dazzles us to look beyond what it can see. A form of poetry. For the poet Pessoa, João Prates (director of the CPS) accepts the invitation to design the serigraphy of the 240 years of Martinho da Arcada, with restlessness, noon, midnight. Also João Nasi Pereira enchanted, enchanting us, with Sophia's poetry.


Influenced by great masters of the century. XX, with whom he had the privilege of living, Xavier returns to CPS with a remarkable exhibition and a set of works that exalt the noble tradition of the relationship of complicity and trust between the artist and the master printer. The three editions were created in Atelier CPS without any previous draft. Art continues to be a field open to discovery, inhabited by diversity. Jorge de Sousa Noronha's digital creations; the serigraphic essentiality of Luís Delgado; Jorge Barrote's occult symbolism; Filipe Amaral's own symbols and chromatic vigor; the subtle and critical humor, for aspiring to a better world, by Mariana Gillot and Cláudia Sampaio, now in large format, confirming their enormous talent.


Bringing together leading animation directors from around the world, the Freeze Frame art box emphasizes the universal spirit of Art and celebrates 20 years of Monstra, a prestigious festival deserving all applause. On the occasion of the Synthetic Aesthetics exhibition at the António Prates Gallery, we re-introduce the American Ken Rinaldo, a pioneering artist, now that the art/technology symbiosis is more relevant than ever.