CPS magazine arte Summer 2021
July 14, 2021

CPS magazine arte Summer 2021

There are new editions of contemporary art waiting for you at CPS! The "arte" Summer 2021 Magazine is now available online and brings you many news.

“The performance is a transformation of the moment into a complete presence. When it's really spontaneous, unrehearsed and open, something magical can happen.” Thus, the international artist Regina Frank opens the door to the mysteries of Performance, with whom CPS joins to celebrate 30 years of performative attitude, with fourteen photographs and innovative serigraphy, resulting from her performance at the Atelier CPS. Read the interview here.

With Leonel Moura, CPS has demonstrated a true editorial pioneering over the past decades, now effective in the first NFT edition, an entry into the world of crypto art. José de Guimarães is inspired by the drawings in the sand of Quiocos de Angola for a new series of serigraphs, Bráulio, Joana Ramalho, Cláudia Sampaio and José dos Castelos in a partnership with P28 and now deepened with the reputed Manicómio, let us know his enchanting works.

The Jerónimos Monastery, started by D. Manuel I, serves the mastery of Silva Palmeira, Noronha da Costa stages a romantic remnant, “saying Sea and saying Woman are the same thing”. Pedro Girão invites us to visit his affective library, Gracinda Candeias has put her stamp on it, painting in each copy, in the new serigraphy on canvas. Adão Conde and Leandro Morgado also praise the book, in a painstaking artist project. António brings together in a work some of his most emblematic creations for the newspaper Expresso.

Also noteworthy are the editions of Gabriel Garcia (reflection on silence), Paulo Damião (freshness and sensitivity), Nuno Teixeira (the myth of Theseu and Ariadne), Pedro do Vale (an unprecedented look at Pessoa) and Nim Castanheira (delicate interventions on engraving).

Rui Soares Costa presents a rigorous work on time, Ana Jacinto Nunes starts from the same structuring design, attesting to a world of possibilities for her creative expressiveness.